IT H2O Blasting News Feed IT H2O Blasting New Dustless Wet Blaster wet blasting system combines all the simplicity of conventional abrasive blasting with the effectiveness of UHP (ultra high pressure) jetting without the associated hazards and complications.<br /> <br /> From the heavy task of blasting through reinforced concrete to the more delicate operation of etching glass the capabilities are endless.<br /> <br /> Ideal for road line removal, exposing aggregate or reinforcing in concrete, removing tacky coatings, the removal of heavy corrosion and coatings as well as the more delicate removal of coatings from aircraft panels, car panels and graffiti removal with soda. Dustless wet blasting is intrinsically safe for the petrochemical industry and is ideal where conventional blasting is not possible or practical.<br /> <br /> The Quill Falcon comes in a range of sizes as well as a number of trailer mounted options which include hoses, a compressor and a water holding tank for complete mobility.<br />1439899200 Dustless Wet Blaster Our New Automated Wheelie Bin Machine is Here news after a long wait our new bin washing machine is finally here.<br /> <br /> Our new automated wheelie bin washing machine works really well, we can wash two 240 litre wheelie bins at once in under half the time compared to our old process.<br /> <br /> We will be posting photo's shortly.<br type="_moz" />1366459200 New Automated Wheelie Bin Machine is Here Can diggers swim... this one tried but failed miserably! We were called to a job on Friday 8 March to clean up a sad and rusting, didymo covered digger which had fallen into the Clutha River 9 months ago.&nbsp;1362913200 diggers swim... New Automated Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine new automated wheelie bin cleaning machine arrives next week all the way from the United Kingdom. &nbsp;It will be quicker, easier and alot less labour intensive. &nbsp;will post pictures as soon as it arrives.<br /> <br /> We will be able to clean two 240 litre wheelie bins at once or one 660 litre bin.&nbsp;<br type="_moz" />1362740400 Automated Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine